Merry Christmas!

Sadly, the year is drawing to a close. I have enjoyed teaching Five White and I’m so proud of all of your achievements! Take a look at the photos below to compare yourselves from the beginning of the year to now!

Class Photo


Merry Christmas! I hope you have a lovely break and a very exciting next year in your final year of primary school. You will be fantastic leaders of St Felix! Always remember that you are ALL very special! You can achieve anything you put your mind to!

I will spend Christmas day visiting family members and eating lots of delicious food!


Christmas Wreath by vectorolie / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

What have you enjoyed this year?

How will you spend Christmas Day? 


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Mr Lima!

Mr Lima was very brave today as he had his hair shaved to look very funny. There is an important message behind this funny hair cut – we shouldn’t tease anyone because they are different. We still respect Mr Lima and we care about him very much. Mr Lima’s haircut does not change who he is inside. He is still a kind, happy and caring person.

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What do you think about the important message?


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Five White came up with the question ‘how might we encourage and prepare year five to be good leaders at St Felix?‘ Each group then brainstormed many ideas to answer this non-googleable question and selected the best one.

Natalie, Alicia, Cecilia, Amy and Amanda created a blog.

Bella, Josephine, Grace, Angel and Jamie created a website.

Tony, Phillip, Moufid, Kevin and Anthony demonstrated leadership qualities via videos while playing soccer.

Nathan, Kong, Hagen, James and David created videos about leadership.

Brenda, Isabelle and Simone created a board game about leadership. 

Jennifer A, Jennifer E, Andrea, Theresa and Isabella created leadership activities.

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What did you enjoy about bringing your idea to life and what did you learn about being a good leader at St Felix?


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To our wonderful Year 5 buddies,

We have been learning a lot about Nature this term and we would like to share some things with you that we think are important:

We strongly believe that trees are a very important part of our environment and it would be very difficult to survive without them. This is why:

Trees give us shade and cool us down on a hot day.

Trees provide shelter for animals.

The leaves of the tree absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen. This is called Photosynthesis.

So next time you see a tree, don’t pull the bark of trees as it is like skin for the tree.

We will leave you with 3 other important pieces of information….just sit back and watch!

From Jay, Belinda, Thomas D. and Maree in KW and Fabricio, Cynthia and Oliver E. in KG


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Live Life Well Day

Today, St Felix participated in a special day called ‘Live Life Well Day’ prepared by Mrs Braden. Every class participated in activities that related to being healthy. Year five researched and created presentations about healthy lunches, listened to a presentation from Clean Away about recycling and participated in fitness activities. Take a look at the video by Jamie and Angel about healthy lunches and the images below!

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Recycling is very important. We need to be very careful and ensure that we are putting the correct materials in our recycling bins. Watch the video clip below and then click here to complete the quiz. Using the information in the two YouTube videos and the information below, create a quiz and leave the link in a comment for students in Five White and Miss Azzopardi  to complete.

  • When you put materials into your recycling bin, don’t ever put them in a plastic bag.
  • Don’t put oven-proof glass, drinking glasses or ceramic mugs in your bin. Just 25g of oven-proof glass can contaminate one tonne of normal glass, making it useless for recycling.
  • Recycle your printer cartridges. The ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ program recycles participating brands of cartridges Australia-wide. They can be found at Officeworks.
  • Drink cans are commonly recycled. However, many people forget about the cans they drink from away from home. Don’t litter, put them in a recycling bin when you’re finished and if you can’t find a recycling bin take them home with you and recycle them with your other home recyclable items.
  • Keep recycling those newspapers and magazines! Last year, we recycled the equivalent of 1 billion newspapers into newsprint and other paper materials.
  • Rinse out containers, jars and bottles before putting them in your recycling bin. They don’t have to be spotless, just give them a quick clean.
  • Remove the lids from bottles and jars before putting items your recycling bin. If you have time you can recycle lids with these tips.
  • Pizza boxes, paper bags or cardboard boxes containing food also need special treatment before putting them into your recycling bin. Take out all food items before recycling and remember if the cardboard/paper box or paper bag is too greasy it cannot be recycled.
  • 47% of Australia’s household waste is made up of organic waste like food scraps and garden cuttings. That’s a huge amount of waste to add to landfill so if you have a bin for garden cuttings or your council runs an organic waste collection service make sure you utilise it. Better still, invest in a compost bin, bokashi bin or worm farm to make good use of your organic waste and keep it out of landfill.

Click the image below to view Kong’s Go!Animate presentation.


Challenge: Share this information with your parents and make sure your family is recycling the right way 🙂 

What did you learn during Live Life Well Day? 


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Year five and year six have been enjoying learning about cricket this term! Each lesson, the students were able to learn new skills and play games related to cricket. It was so much fun! The students tried their best, worked as a team and learnt many new skills. Take a look at the photos below!

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What did you enjoy about the cricket lessons? 

What skills did you learn?


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The St Felix Primary School Blog

Have you taken a look at the St Felix Primary School blog? The ICT members have been working really hard to create how to videos and write blog posts about the exciting events taking place at our school. Visit the blog and leave a comment today!


What great things have taken place at St Felix this year?


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Year five have been working hard in Mathematics! Take a look at some of the students explaining the different types of fractions in the videos below.

Provide examples of each kind of fraction in a comment below. 


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Science with Mr Crook

On Wednesday 27th November, year four and five went to LaSalle for a Science lesson with Mr Crook. The students learnt how to safely light a bunsen burner and then they conducted an experiment to observe the colour of the flame when it interacted with different chemicals.

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What did you enjoy about the lesson?

What do you need to remember when safely lighting a bunsen burner?

What tools and equipment did you use?

Did anything surprise you when you conducted the experiment? 


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Fractions and Decimals

Fraction: Any part of a group, number or whole. When you divide something into equal pieces, each piece is a fraction of the whole thing.

You can use a fraction wall like this to compare fractions with each other.


Click on the links below to practise your skills.


Fractions 2

Fractions 3


Watch the YouTube video below. 

When do you or your parents use fractions in every day life?

What did you think about the games above?

Compare fractions using the fraction wall above. 


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