Welcome to Year Five!

Welcome to Five White’s class blog! We are going to have a great year together, learning and having a lot of fun! We are going to use our class blog to share what we are doing in Five White with a wide audience, including your family members and other classes around the world. Blogging will also help you to gain new skills and improve the skills you already have, including literacy and ICT skills.

Miss Azzopardi is very excited to get to know her students in Five White. She also wanted the students to get to know her, so she created this Prezi about herself.

What did you enjoy about the holidays?

Tell me something about yourself.

Remember to not include personal information such as your date of birth, surname or address.


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60 responses to “Welcome to Year Five!

  1. Hello Year 5. My name is Mrs Stelmach and I am a Year 6 teacher at St Mary’s Georges Hall. I am really looking forward to reading your blog. I have added it to my class’s reading list. They will be dropping by to read what you are all up to.

    • Dear Mrs Stelmach,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog! We are looking forward to sharing our learning adventures with you and year six! We hope you like our blog! Thank you for adding us. We have added you too.

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi and Five White

  2. Marie anne-grace's mum

    Dear miss Assopardi,
    watching your prezzi was such an amazing journey.What an awesome family you have!we can’t wait to know more about you and 5 w. Hope you have a succsesful year!
    from Marie anne -grace’s mum

    • Hello Marie Anne,

      Thank you very much for commenting on our blog. We really appreciate it! We are looking forward to sharing all the great things we are doing in our classroom with you.

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi and Five White

  3. Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    For the last 8 days in school was amazing,i got to lear nmany things with life maths,english,science and many other subjects.
    I love learning with and can’t wait for more learning fun!


    • Hi James,

      Congratulations on your very first comment! I am very happy to hear that you have had an amazing time at school so far. I’m excited about all the learning that is is going to happen this year, too!

      Your teacher,
      Miss Azzopardi

  4. Anthony

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    Thank you for sharing your prezzi with the whole class of 5w. I would like to see more exciting comments and prezzi`s in the future.

    From Anthony

  5. Andrea

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    Im looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful posts! I have learnt alot about you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Prezi with us!

    From Andrea

  6. Natalie

    Dear Azzopardi
    Thank you for sharing your amazing Prezi! Watching it made me learn a lot about you. I will be looking forward for watching the next future Prezi’s.

    From Natalie

  7. Nathan

    Greetings Miss Azzopardi,
    Your prezi was fantastic! I have enjoyed the past few days with you at school. I enjoyed my holiday, did you? See you at school!

    Sincerely Nathan

  8. Amy

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    I liked your prezi,I learnt some things about you.I am looking forward to watching more of your prezis.

    from Amy

  9. Jennifer

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,
    I liked your prezi it was intresting,Im looking forward to the great things that are coming up I also cant wait to learn more about you.

    From Jennifer.E

  10. Josephine

    Dear Miss Azzopardi

    Your prezi was fantastic, i am looking forward to learn more activites at school this year!

    from Josephine

  11. Brenda

    Dear miss azzopardi

    I adadored your prezi. I showed my whole family and now they know a lot about you.

    From your best sudent: brenda


  12. Jamie

    Hi Miss Azzopardi,
    I was just watching your prezi and I loved it I showed it to my sister and she adored it. I can’t wait to see more of your amazing videos!


  13. Bella

    Hi Miss Azzopardi

    i thought your prezi was awesome it was a definetly a winner.
    When will you teach us to make one ? ,and my mum kinda wants to know as well, i can’t wait until we get 20,000 view’s on our blog, how much view’s does your blog have ?

    From Bella

    • Hi Bella,

      We will have many opportunities to use Prezi this year. Perhaps you could use Prezi to show your passion profile or your HSIE task.

      It will be very exciting if we reach that many views! My blog currently has 42 79 hits.

      Your teacher,
      Miss Azzopardi

  14. Theresa

    Dear Miss Azzopardi
    I love your prezi it was amazing .I’m looking forward to the great things that is happening .

    From Theresa

  15. Kong

    Dear Miss Azzopardi

    Your Prezi was cool, I would like to learn more about the awesome subjects we would learn in the future throughout the year! I”m really looking forward to it too!

    By Kong

  16. Isabelle

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    I love your prezi.it is so good i love it is good i love it so much and i showed my whole family and they love it so much.

  17. angel

    Dear miss Azzopardi,

    I am very excited to see all the prezi’s and post that you and five white are going to put up.I enjoyed looking at your prezi i thought it was very interesting and i learnt alot about your life thankyou for sharing it with us!

    From Angel

  18. isabella

    Dear Miss Azzopardi

    I really enjoyed watching your Prezi. I have had a lot of fun during these first days of school i hope you are having a great time to.I hope to see even more posts on our blog and see all the exciting things you may put up.I will see you tomorrow.

    sincerely Isabella

  19. Anthony

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    I am going to give tins of food for project compassion to the poor for my good deed this week.

    Sincerly Anthony

  20. Bella

    Dear Miss Azzopardi

    i loved your comment about our good deed tree, i hope we can all do our deed alot of times. and when are we going to get the project Compassion money boxes? . My mum Samantha says sorry that she forgot o read the note and posted the comment as smuller1708. For my good deed i will be donating things to the poor this week , what will you be donating?

    good night sincerely,

    • Hi Bella,

      I hope so, too. The Ash Wednesday mass would have answered your question! That’s no problem, I’m very glad that she commented. I hope you share our blog with other members of your family. That sounds great, I will be doing the same thing.

      Your teacher,
      Miss Azzopardi

  21. Jennifer.A

    Dear Miss Azzopardi

    I really enjoyed the holidays.
    I went to a few weddings and went to the snow and we would always have people over for a big dinner. But now it’s time to work!!!!!

    Kind Regards,

  22. Angel

    Dear miss Azzopardi,

    During the holidays I went to the movies a couple of times, I went to the shops, I went to the pools and the beach with my family, sometimes I just lazed around at home. That is what I did on my holidays. I liked your post about our good deed tree my good deed is going to be give food and money to the poor what is your good deed going to be?

    Sincerely Angel.

  23. Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    Thank you for replying on my comment it was very nice of you. I did share it with my family and they loved it also and said what a great job you are doing.
    My good deed would have to be giving money to the poor, being kind, generous and helping people that are sad.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Jennifer,

      You are very welcome. I hope everyone in Five White remembers to reply to comments. Keep up the great work! Your comments are getting better and better!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

    • Jennifer.A / Angel

      Dear Jennifer,

      Its great that you showed your family about the blog and you have a lovely deed. Happy Birthday for yesterday!!!! We hope you had a great day at school yesterday!

  24. Hello Miss Azzopardi

    I loved your Prezi, it would have given your students a wonderful insight into the person that you are and what you value in your life. I hope you have a fantastic year. Keep up the good work. Your students are very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented young teacher.

  25. Phillip

    Dear 5 White and Miss Azzopardi
    My favourite part of the school holidays was the trip to FIJI.
    Spending time with family and friends.

    regards Phillip

  26. Alicia

    Dear: Five white and Miss.Azzopardi,

    What I enjoyed was staying over my aunties house and opening the presents on the Christmas eve during midnight.


  27. Dear Miss Azzopardi & Five White,

    What I enjoyed doing in Christmas was opening the presents and playing a family game with 26 people!


  28. Dear Five White & Miss Azzopardi,

    I hope Five white has a really great journey. Thanks for sharing!


  29. simone

    Dear miss Azzopardi,
    I liked your prezi and I really enjoyed it.Im really looking forward to learning about earthqakes and volcanos.


  30. tony

    Dear Five White And Miss Azzopardi,

    I recon Ms Azzopardi has been the best teacher ever !!! She has helped me during term 1 and i hope she is my teacher next year. I couldn’t of asked for a better teacher than Ms Azzopardi. I hope your having a good year Ms Azzopardi with Year 5 White !


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