Column Graphs

The students in Five White have been learning about the topic ‘data‘ in Mathematics. They have been learning all about how to construct and interpret column graphs, picture graphs and pie graphs. Column graphs need to have the following.

  • Title
  • X axis (horizontal line)
  • Y axis  (vertical line)
  • X axis label (e.g. Sports)
  • Y axis label (e.g. Number of students)
  • X axis values (e.g. basketball, netball, soccer…)
  • Y axis values  (numbers with zero beginning in the corner)
  • Columns (equal spaces in between each column)
  • A key if necessary

The students participated in different activities, including: using the ‘Show Me’ app on the iPads and constructing column graphs on poster paper, in their mathematics books or on a website.  Take a look at our wonderful work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What activity did you choose and how did it help you to practise constructing a column graph?

Can you suggests any improvements for the posters or the ‘Show Me’ app presentations?

Extra activity: Take a look at Math Warehouse, it is a website to help you create pie graphs.


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16 responses to “Column Graphs

  1. Andrea

    Dear 5 White & Miss Azzopardi,

    I done a poster on a column graph and I used the “show me app” Both of these activeities helped me a lot! They helped me to improve on drawing a graph. The extra activity “math warehouse” also helped me to draw a pie grah! Thank 5 White and Miss Azzopardi for teaching about graphs and getting these useful activeities.


    • Anthony

      Dear Andrea,

      Wow I think you have learnt a lot about column graphs and data hope you learn even more for the post-test tomorrow.


    • Jennifer.A

      Dear Andrea,

      Im sure the show me app helped you a lot ,but you didnt need that much help you are intelegent and smart. 🙂

      Kind regards,

  2. Anthony

    Dear Five white and Miss Azzopardi,

    Miss Azzopardi taught me so much on how to draw column graph and where the y and x axis were labelled on a column graph and more check out ”maths warehouse” you can learn a few more things about how to draw a pie graph.


  3. Bella

    Dear Five White,

    I have learnt a lot in column graphs. I did the show me app activity and it helped me improve because as I did it over again I started to think I should add this instead of that, I was learning from my mistakes that I made. I think me an Graces video can improve by saying x and y axis labels instead of saying options and number of children so using the technical terms (maths language).

    See you tomorrow,

    • Jennifer.A

      Dear Bella,

      The show me app really helped many people.I think you learnt many technical terms. Bella,can you tell me anything that would be on a graph?
      To get you started:
      +y axis label
      +x axis label
      What else………..

      Kind regards,

  4. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    i had learnt alot in coloumn graphs.i did the show me app and made a column graph and favourite in maths i know lots of new words and make a perfect column graph.


  5. Dear Bella,

    I agree Bella i learnt lot of things about column graphs on the show me app.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    What I have done during that maths lesson was creating a poster for column graphs. It helps me remember the y axis label and the x axis label.
    Y to the sky X to the left.


  7. Jennifer.A

    Dear Year 5 & Miss Azzopardi,

    I have done a poster on a column graph and I have used the show me app. Theese activeties helped me so much on data that I think I did really well on the test! The show me app helped me to improve on how to draw a graph.

    Yours truly,

  8. Natalie

    Dear Jennifer A,
    I can see that you have learnt a lot! I absolutely think that you tried your absolute best. Well Done!! I definitely learnt a lot as well using the show me apps, drawing a column graph and learning about data. I enjoyed learning about data so much. Did you?

    Kind regards,

    • Jennifer.A

      Dear Natalie,

      Yes i did. We did many fun activities such as making our own picture and column graphs and we got to go on a website were you can make graphs and charts.

      Kind regards,

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