Lent is an important season in the Church’s year. Lent is the forty days before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. It is a time to grow, change and be more like Christ. During Lent, we prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Prayer increases our love for God. During Lent we want to get to know Jesus better by talking to Him and listening to Him. We want to remember His love for us, so we think about all He did for us.

Lent is a good time to fast, just as Jesus fasted in the desert for forty days. When we fast, God s able to fill us up with the Holy Spirit and make us more like Jesus. Fasting strengthens our will by saying ‘no’ to things we want. This helps us when we are faced with temptation to be able to say ‘no’ to those things that are sinful and can harm our relationship with God.

Almsgiving is also a part of our journey toward Jesus during Lent. It means sharing what we have with others or doing charitable deeds. Almsgiving helps us to focus on others more.

Caritas Australia work to help people in need. The video below introduces you to a girl named Ditosa, who lives in Mozambique.  Click here to find out more about Caritas Australia.

How have you incorporated prayer, almsgiving and prayer into your life during Lent?

What are the similarities and differences between you and Ditosa?

How does Caritas Australia help people in need? 


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12 responses to “Lent

  1. Dear Five White & Miss Azzopardi,

    Caritas Australia helps other countries in need. They try their very best to:

    – Help them grow food
    – Donate as much Money and Clothing
    – Help their child to learn and go to school
    Please donate money, even 5 cents will be good!


    • Dear Cecilia,

      Caritas does help people in need a lot! We should be like them we should help poor people. Your right 5 cents will still make a BIG difference!!!


  2. Jennifer.A

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    The diffrences between us and Ditosa:
    Us ___________________Ditosa
    Clean Water Unclean Water
    Beds No beds
    Chairs/desks No chairs/desks
    Now Similarities:
    School school
    Human Human
    Clothes Clothes
    Caritas helps people in need by consturcting toilets , buying desks and chairs for schools and giving money to the people in need.I have been incorparating prayer by always praying whenever i can like before school, after school , before bed and before dinner.

    Sincerley ,

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Yes their is a big difference between us and Ditosa. But Caritas is here to help and we can help too. It looks like you have incorporating in prayer


  3. Isabella.N

    Dear Five White And Miss Azzopardi,

    During lent i have incorporated almsgiving by giving money to the poor and donating old clothes. I have used prayer by praying more and going to church every Sunday. I have incorporated fasting by giving up Fats Food and Soft Dink,
    The differences between me and Ditosa:
    I have a bed she does not
    I have clean water she does not
    I have a tap in my house she does not
    I have a toilet she does not
    The Slimmers between me and Ditosa:
    We both go to school
    We both have a family
    We both have a house
    We both have clothes
    Caritas Australia helps people like Ditosa by :
    Building Toilets
    Helping make bricks
    Helping make medicines
    Gives money to people in need

    Yours Truly,

    • Dear Isabella,

      OHHH that is sooo nice to donate money and clothes to the poor we should all do that. I see you have really incorporated in prayer and fasting. Caritas does help A LOT!!!!!


  4. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    This year for Kent I love given up
    KFC and my brother is giving up
    Junk food.



  5. Dear 5W & Miss Azzoaprdi,

    I have been incorporated almsgiving and prayer this lent by giving up soft drinks and chocolate. Me and my mum gave money to the poor and we went and prayed for them in the church. Caritas helps people in need by buying them special things needed. the difference between me and Ditosa are:
    -i have a good house she has a small house
    -i eat food 3 times day she eats food 1 time in 3 days
    -in school we have deks and book she doesnt
    But luckily Caritas is heping Ditosa and we can help her and other in need to we should help everyday but mostly on Lent so please donate money to the poor.


    • Dear Andrea,

      Wow, There is a big difference between you and Ditosa. I hope you kept that promise during lent!


    • josephine

      Dear Andrea,

      You have a big difference with Ditosa but so what at least she has somewhere to get comfortable and be educated!!


  6. Dear 5w and Miss Azzopardi,

    i have incorporated praying almsgiving by trying not to eat the foods that i have fasted and giving an amount of money each time we see a money box.
    the differences between Ditosa and I are:
    she dosent have clean water while i do
    she dosent have a bed
    they don’t have electricity
    no desks or chairs at school
    the similarities me and Ditosa have:
    we have a family
    we wear clothes
    and we have friends
    without world Caritias Ditosa and other poor people won’t have a educational future and won’t have a good life like ours soo having a world cartias with us is AWESOME!!


  7. Moufid

    Dear five white and miss Azzopardi

    The differences between me and Ditosa is that Ditosa doesn’t have a proper toilet and we have flushable toilets.
    She has to walk 500 kilometres just to get 5 litres of water while we have taps that we can just twist and our water will just come out.
    But since caritas Australia came in there are there big differences for example caritas donated more healthy food and gave them money to buy taps.

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