Charles Blackman

During Visual Arts we have been inspired by Charles Blackman. He was born in 1928 in Sydney and he is famous for his Schoolgirl series which depict many school buildings.

First, we looked at images of different schools and selected the one we liked best. Then we sketched the school using pencil on a large piece of paper from observation and painted it. Miss Azzopardi also took a photo of us which we cut out and added to our painting.

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Do you think your artwork is similar to the school you were observing? Why/why not? 

What lines, shapes and colours did you use in your artwork?


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25 responses to “Charles Blackman

  1. Moufid

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi
    My artwork is not exactly the same but I tried to sketch it as similar as I could, but it was difficult trying to sketch the exact picture because I couldn’t fill the white blanks.
    I used straight lines, rectangles, squares and rectangles.
    I used red, brown, black, light blue and dark blue.

    kind regards Moufid

  2. Dear 5 Whhite & Miss Azzopardi,

    We have been working really hard on our artwork. They are all very good! At first my artwork looked very similar to the school. But at the end I desided to put extra things on it. SO it doesn’t look exactly the same it is a bit similar. For my artwork i used lots of colours I used all of them and made few other creative colours. I used heaps f lines but not many shapes. Or maybe I just didn’t relize the shapes. Did you put any shapes on your artwork?


  3. Isabella.N

    Dear Five White And Miss Azzopardi,

    During school time we have been working on our art works of different schools. I think mine looks very similar to the picture but i may have added a few more plants,stairs and gates but other than that mine look very similar. In my art work i used all different types lines like diagonal, straight, curvy and much more.Some colours that i used are blue, brown, green, white, black, red and grey. My painting had a lot of shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles,circles and semi-circle. How about you did you put any of these shapes, colours or lines in your art work???

    Yours Truly,

    • Dear Isabella,

      Yours does look similar to the house i could tell witch one you did. Wow you hvae used a lot of different things in your artwork and it loooks Amazing!!! Im really not sure if I put any shapes or lines in my painting maybe i didnt notice???


  4. Jacinta, George /Andrea's Brother and Jennifer's Sister

    Dear 5W & Miss Azzopardi,

    WOW! The paintings look FANTASTIC and AWESOME.I think the paintings are nice. We can’t wait to see your new paintings. How long did it take to make the paintings?

    Jacinta, George /Andrea’s Brother and Jennifer’s Sister

    • Dear Jacinta, George /Andrea’s Brother and Jennifer’s Sister,

      Yeah all of the paintings are fantastic! Year 5 worked really hard on it. The artworks to us about 4 weeks. I dont know I’m estimating. 🙂


  5. Jennifer.A

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    All the paintings look really awesome! I think that my painting does look like the one i was drawing/painting because i tried to put a lot of detail in the picture and i really tried my hardest.In my artwork i used squares, rectangles, triangles and semi circles.The colours i saw were green, blue, grey, black and brown.I thought that my picture looked real because it looks like im really steping on stairs of a school. How do you think you did on your artwork?

    Kind regards,

    • Dear Jennifer,

      The paintings really do look awesome! It sound like you put a lot of detal in your thats what makes it awesome!!!!! I think i done really well on my painting beacause it looked very creative like the others 🙂


    • josephine

      Hi Jennifer,

      You’re painting really does look like the school and you use so much colours and shapes!!

      Great Work,

  6. Natalie

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    All the paintings are exceptionally amazing! I think that my artwork looks similar to the school that I had sketched because they both look like the same buildings and settings. To make it I used squares,triangles and rectangles. I also used the colours grey, blue, green and brown.

  7. Dear Five White

    I really like those painting you have painted
    I it looks realistic.

    King regards,


  8. jennifer

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and five white

    I thought that my painting looked similar to the school that i chose because it had the same shape around it. The colours i used where blue red brown and green. The shapes i used where rectangles squares circles and irregular shapes to.

    Kind regards

  9. Dear Five White & Miss Azzopardi,

    I think that my painting was not similar to the sketch because I didn’t choose the right colour… Thanks any ways!

    Yours Truly,
    Cecilia 🙂

  10. Dear 5w and Miss Azzopardi,

    My painting of a school wasn’t that similar because instead of using white windows i used dark blue and too much green!!the shapes and colours i used are rectangles circles i got some shape ideas from maths and the colours i used are alot like black manly green i think.
    Do you like your drawing and do you liked the art lesson this term??


  11. Anthony

    Dear Miss Five White and Miss Azzopadi,

    I tried my hardest to paint the exact school that was on the smart board and I am proud of my self for doing my best. It might not look the same because it is hard to keep everthing neet and I need all the right colours and make it look 3D.
    Hope everbody tryed their best as well.


    • Kong

      Dear Anthony,

      I’m glad that you tried and did your best, I tried and did my best too, but it didn’t look like it well at least i tried. I hope you have a fun and great time at school.

      Kind Regards,

  12. Alicia

    Dear Miss Five White and Miss Azzopadi,

    Charles blackman was a very good artist and was creative. His artwork was very impressive. Five white painted any school and tried to do exactly the same it was pretty hard.

    Kind regards,

  13. Nathan

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    I don’t think that my artwork was quite like the schools on the board but at least I tried, I used rectangles and squares, I used green, blue, brown, black and gray.

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