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Our Visitors in Term One!

Throughout term one, we have had many visitors on our class blog! We have had visitors from all over the world! 

Countries 2


What information can you see in the images above?

What do you find interesting about the above information?

What are your predictions about visitors to our blog in term two?


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Miss Azzopardi has noticed that many students in Five White get slightly confused when it comes to using the correct their, there and they’re. Take a look at the following examples.

There – use there when you are referring to a place.

  • There is a lovely store on the corner of that street.
  • Your book is over there on the floor. 

There is also used when followed by the words are, is, am, was and were.

  • There are many different colours on that poster. 
  • There is some milk in the fridge.
  • There was a lovely blue shirt in that shop.

Their – use their to indicate possession. The noun in the sentence belongs to them.

  • My friends have lost their hats.
  • Their dog was very cute. 

They’re is a contraction of the words they and are.

  • They’re my friends. (They are my friends).
  • They’re playing basketball. (They are playing basketball).
  • They’re wearing the same jacket. (They are wearing the same jacket). 

Leave a comment and have a go at writing a sentence with their, there and they’re.

Challenge: Try writing one sentence with their, there and they’re in it! For example: Their dog ran over there and they’re running after it!


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Passion Profiles

Throughout the term, the students in Five White worked on a presentation about their passion(s). At the end of the term, the students had a chance to present them to the class. We all learnt so much about each student! There are many talented students in Five White and Miss Azzopardi loved hearing about everyone’s passions. Take a look at the presentations below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What did you learn about your classmates while listening to their presentations?


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Rainforest Tasks

During term one, the students in Five White learnt about Rainforests in H.S.I.E and Science and Technology.

The students had a variety of activities they could complete in order to find out information about rainforests. The students researched the layers of a rainforest, endangered animals, what animals live in each layer, flora, deforestation, different types of rainforests, locations of rainforests and much more. The tasks included the following.

  • Various presentations using a variety of different presentation tools
  • Creating picture books 
  • Creating posters 
  • Writing an exposition
  • Drawing a flow chart 
  • Creating a website 
  • Writing a letter 
  • Creating a board game 
  • Composing a song
  • Creating a diorama 
  • Creating an artwork 

Miss Azzopardi was so impressed with the hard work and motivation of the students throughout the unit. Take a look at their fantastic work below! 

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What activities did you complete?

What did you learn about rainforests?

Which activity did you like best and why? 


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The students in Five White are learning about ‘chance’ in Mathematics. Chance can be defined as the likelihood or probability that a particular outcome will occur.

Probability can be recorded on a scale of 0 to 1. Click here, then click on ‘c’, then ‘chance’ to see the scale.

The scale includes the following.

Impossible – There is no chance. It will not happen. E.g. It is impossible for pigs to fly.

Unlikely – It will probably not happen. There is a small chance it will happen. E.g Five White are unlikely to skip their Friday spelling test.

Even Chance – There is an equal chance. Each event is equally likely to happen. E.g When a coin is tossed, there is an even chance that it will land heads up.

Likely – It will probably happen. There is a small chance it won’t happen. E.g. You will likely go to school on Monday.

Certain – It will definitely happen. E.g. The sun will rise in  the morning.

Leave a comment with more examples of events that are impossible, unlikely, likely, certain and that have an even chance of occurring. 

Chance Jar

Imagine that you are reaching into the jar above. Leave a comment with a sentence using a chance term about the probability of picking out a counter.

For example:

  • I am likely to pick out a …..
  • I am unlikely to pick out a … 
  • It is impossible to pick out a … 
  • I have an even chance of picking out a …
  • It is certain that I will  pick out a …

Sign into Studyladder for activities related to chance. Click here and here for games related to chance. Leave a comment about what you thought about the game(s).


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