Rainforest Tasks

During term one, the students in Five White learnt about Rainforests in H.S.I.E and Science and Technology.

The students had a variety of activities they could complete in order to find out information about rainforests. The students researched the layers of a rainforest, endangered animals, what animals live in each layer, flora, deforestation, different types of rainforests, locations of rainforests and much more. The tasks included the following.

  • Various presentations using a variety of different presentation tools
  • Creating picture books 
  • Creating posters 
  • Writing an exposition
  • Drawing a flow chart 
  • Creating a website 
  • Writing a letter 
  • Creating a board game 
  • Composing a song
  • Creating a diorama 
  • Creating an artwork 

Miss Azzopardi was so impressed with the hard work and motivation of the students throughout the unit. Take a look at their fantastic work below! 

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What activities did you complete?

What did you learn about rainforests?

Which activity did you like best and why? 


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26 responses to “Rainforest Tasks

  1. Alicia

    Dear: Five white and Miss.Azzopardi,

    I have learnt a lot during H.S.I.E. Five White has enjoyed so much. Thank you miss for teaching us about rainforest. I wonder what we will be learning about next term. Well, here are the questions.
    What activities did you complete?
    The activities I completed was the 10 endangered, the toucans and I am up to the 10 ways to help the rainforest book.
    What did you learn about rainforests?
    I learnt a lot during our excursion and activities. I learnt that there are more than 10 endangered animals in the rainforest.
    Which activity did you like best and why?
    The activity I like the best was the 10 endangered species. I like it because I search an animal that is endangered and I learn new things about that animal.


    • Natalie

      Dear Alicia,
      It seems that you have learnt a lot about rainforests. I also enjoyed learning about rainforests as well as completing my tasks. Here are my answers to all of the questions:
      What activities did you complete?
      The activities that I completed were:
      *10 endangered animals
      *The similarities and differences between the Minnamurra and Daintree rainforest
      *A weebly website about animals and……
      I was finishing completing a picture book about rainforests.
      What do you learn about rainforests?
      I learnt a lot of facts such as:
      *We are losing Earth’s greatest biological treasures just as we are beginning to appreciate their true value. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.
      *Nearly half of the world’s species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century due to rainforest deforestation.
      What activity did you like best and why?
      I liked dong the activity where you had to research about 10 endangered animals, because it helped me realised that a lot of animals are dying and that we needed to stop deforestation immediately.
      What about you?

      Yours Truly,

  2. Isabella.N

    Dear Five White And Miss Azzopardi,

    I have learnt so much at H.S.I.E. Look:
    What Activities did you complete???
    I have completed A rainforest song, Research about a endangered animal,
    name a variety of rainforests and their species and build and construct a diorama of the rainforest.
    What did you learn about the rainforest????
    I learnt that there are a lot of different endangered species and that the rainforest has 4 different layers.
    Which activity did you like best and why???
    I liked how we got to make a diorama and use all different types of tools.
    What was your favorite?????

    Yours Truly,

    • Natalie

      Dear Isabella,
      Wow!!!! I seems like you have learnt a lot about rainforests!!! I especially loved your diorama that you have recently created. It seemed just like a real rainforest!

      Kind regards,

    • josephine

      Dear Isabella,

      You learnt alot in HSIE i like the song you sang with Jennifer and Andrea and your diorama is mind blowing!!
      My favourite was making my board game it was quite long but awesome!!

      See ya,

  3. Jennifer.A

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    The most activity i liked was the song Andrea,Isabella and i made because we stated to save the rainforests and many rainforests are cut down , so this song will appeal to younger children.
    I Iearnt that:
    +Many people want to cut down trees because of the timber value.
    +Many animals are becoming exctinct.
    +Rainforests gives us the element ,oxygen.
    I completed:
    +A poster of a monkey with facts about a monkey written on it.
    +Song about the rainforests(Isabella,Andrea an I.
    +Diorama of the rainforests.
    +Presentation on the rainforest
    How can we keep the rainforests from being destroyed?

    Yours truly,

    • Dear Jennifer A,
      You have completed a lot of tasks!!!! The song that you, Andrea and Isabella made sounded like it should be published as a real song and you really worked hard on it. It will really appeal to younger children!


  4. Isabelle

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    The most activity I liked was the rainforest layers because it was good and I loved it so much. I love H.S.I.E and it was good and fun so much.
    I learnt that:

    1.Many people want to cut down trees because of the timber value.
    2.Many animals are becoming extinct.
    3.Rainforests give us the element and oxygen too.
    And I completed:
    1 Rainforests layers
    2 Glossy
    3 what to bring to a rainforest

    Yours Truly,

    • Dear Isabelle,

      WOWW!!!! You completed a lot of things! That tells me that you learnt a lot! Good Girl and keep up the good work.


  5. Moufid

    Dear five white and miss Azzopardi

    I learnt a lot in the subject H.S.I.E the tasks I did was
    *list 8 endangered animals
    *write information about the layers of the rain forest
    *list facts of rain forest animals


  6. Dear 5W & Miss Azzopardi,

    I love H.S.I.E it’s fun and you learn a lot of things. I completed:
    -10 endangered rain forest animals
    -rain forest kids book
    -evaluation on the Minnamurra Rain forest
    -a rain forest song (with Jennifer and Isabella)
    I learnt:
    -about animals
    -about the layers
    -rain forest animals are becoming extinct
    And it doesn’t always rain in the rain forest!
    The best activity i liked was the song because it tells people to save the rain forest and because i got a 15 out of 15 for it 🙂

    Have a nice Holiday

    • Cecilia

      Dear Andrea,

      Wow, You’ve learnt a lot about rainforests! I also think the song you made was the best. Thanks for sharing!

      Have fun,

    • Dear Andrea,
      WOW!!!! I am so amazed of how many tasks you have completed and of what you have learnt. I loved your song, and it definitely needed to be 15/15.

      Nice work,

    • Isabelle

      Dear Andrea,

      WOWW!!!! You completed a lot of things! And that tells me that you have learnt a lot! And good girl and keep up the good work too!

      Have a nice Holiday

    • josephine

      Dear Andrea,

      Wow you’ve learnt alot you must’ve like HSIE back then and your presentation like the song with Isabella and Jennifer A was the most awesome and you deserved a 15/15

      Great work,

  7. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    These presentations look really good! The activity I liked making is a Prezi about a Bengal Tiger. I enjoyed H.S.I.E a lot.


  8. Hass/Jennifer.A's Dad

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I think all of the passion profiles looked amazing!
    Also , everyone worked so hard and Jennifer told me all of the amazing new things she learnt about everyone and all their talents.
    Job well done year five white and keep up the good work.
    Can anyone tell me what your passion profile was about?

    • Dear Hass,

      Yeah everyone in 5W worked really hard on their passion profiles and achieved good work! My passion profile was about basketball because I have this massive passion for basketball!


    • josephine

      Dear Hass,

      Everyone worked extra hard on their passion profile so that everyone in 5W knows their hobbies or talent.


  9. Cecilia

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    What I’ve learnt about the rainforests are the layers. The layers are the Forest floor, Understory Layer, Canopy Layer and the Emergent Layer.

    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Cecilia,
      I also learnt about the rainforest layers. Before I had no idea that a rainforest had layers. You named them all correctly. Congratulations!!!!

      Have a nice holiday,

    • josephine

      Dear Cecilia,

      I can see that you’ve learnt heaps of facts about the rainforests layers
      Keep up the great job

      See ya,

  10. josephine

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I’ve learnt heaps of new things during HSIE.
    The activities that i completed is a making a presentation on the poison dart frog it fun and i made a board game called the the Great Rainforest race i played it with my mum and she said it was Fun too.
    The new things that i learnt about the rainforest is that it has 4 layers called the Emergent, the Canopy,the undrestory and the forest floor and that a jaguar lives in a forest. about the golden poison frog that is isn’t venomous but poisonous.
    The most fun activity was making a board games because it felt creative but at the same time it took too much time the reason i like it because we can research interesting facts which was fun!!
    What was your favourite part of HSIE?


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