In Health, the students in Five White have been learning about bullying. They were asked the following question that made them think about their actions.

If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you be more careful about what you say?

The students used an app called ‘aTypo Picture’ to take a photo of their face or their hand and add the words they would want to appear on their skin. Take a look at the images below.

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Challenge: ask your parents to write a comment about what words they would want to appear on their skin. 

Can you think of any other words you would want to appear on your skin?

Can you think of a nice thing you can do for someone or say to someone?


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22 responses to “Bullying

  1. Bella.L

    Dear Five White,

    They are some really nice typo pictures. Words that i would like appear on my skin would probably be how do you feel ? how are you ? hello . There is lots of things you can do for someone to make them feel happy, like smile, tell a joke, say hello(hi), invite them to play with you and lots more things. How do you want to make a person feel when approaching them and saying hello ?

    Yours Truly,

    • Grace

      Dear Bella,
      I would love to make someone smile and feel happy! It is the right thing to do and you wouldn’t want anything mean on your skin.

  2. Moufid

    Dear five white
    I learnt a lot about bullying in health today, I must admit I used to be bully but now I’ve learnt that how would I feel if I was bullied, the words I would like to appear on my skin is hello, how are you, do you need help, a few years ago if somebody asked me what kind of words would you want to appear on your skin I would say cursing and swearing words but now I have learnt better.

    • Cecilia

      Dear Moufid,

      It’s nice that you’ve learnt a lot 🙂 Hopefully you become an even better person!

      Yours Truly,

  3. Grace

    Dear 5white,
    I now know a lot about bullying. I would love to have nice words and compliments on my skin like how are you, you look pretty, would you like any help and many more. A nice thing I can do is help others. What will you do for someone?
    king regards,

    • Isabelle

      Dear 5White,

      I now know a lot about bullying. I would love to have nice words and compliments on my skin like think you for having me, you look pretty , how are you, do you need help for that and many more. A nice thing I can do is helping others. What will you do for someone?

      Your Truly,

    • Andrea

      Dear Grace,

      Those are very polite words on your skin. Also it is very nice to help others. I will let others jon my game.


    • Cecilia

      Dear Grace,

      Those are very nice words you came up with! What I would do to someone is that I will comfort them If they feel devastated. 🙂


  4. Andrea

    Dear 5W & Miss Azzopardi,

    I have learnt a lot about bulying so far! I would love to have polite words on my skin like thank you, you look nice, would you like to play? A nice thing I can d to someone is join them to play with me. What nice thing would you do?


  5. James

    Dear five white & Miss Azzopardi,

    The typo pictures look amazing and really realistic.


  6. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    Bullying is something that should definitely be stopped. The person who is bullying would feel that they had power over you, but the reason why they do this is because deep inside something bad has happened to them. Imagine every word that you said appeared on your skin. Nobody would like you, if they saw bad things. Wouldn’t you want good words to appear on your skin? If this happened, I would want kind words to appear on my skin such as:
    -Are you okay?
    -Everyone is equal
    -You will always be my friend
    -You belong in the world

    What would you say? Also we can all do something nice to help stop bullying. My kind deed that I would do is, to be there for everyone. Not just the people that you like, but the people that you dislike. Together we can all make a difference, if we all try to do and say something good.

    We can stop bullying now,

  7. Marisol- Natalie's Mother

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    Bullying should be stopped all around the world. If words were to appear on my skin I would say:
    -We all are family
    -Be want you want to be
    -Don’t be ashamed about yourself

    Wouldn’t you want these kind of words to appear on your skin? If I were to do a good deed I would, help other people and children gain their confidence in life, and make them feel belonged.

    Marisol- Natalie’s Mum

    • Josephine

      Dear Marisol,

      I agree with you i really think the entire world should not have bullying.
      Those words you want to appear on your skin i really good as well!

      Kind regards,

  8. Wow this is a really powerful image. Im a teacher at an Intermediate school in New Zealand and loved the pictures so much that I will show them in class on Monday. Im looking forward to discussing with my class the words that would appear on their skin.

    Mr Willis

  9. Karen (Moufid's mum)

    Dear 5White & Miss Azzopardi

    I loved reading all the great comments. I am definitely anti-bullying. It is cruel and cowardly. Only if those bullies had strong faith in God they will not want to hurt anyone. It is sad to see that because of technology today cyber bullying has also become very common. People need to realise that life is short and we need to make most of it. We are all equal!
    If I knew someone was getting bullied I will definitely do something about it. There is no way I’ll keep quiet. I will tell a superior & confront the person that is bullying. We cannot ignore bullying as it can get out of hand. Something has to be done about it before it is too late.
    Words I will want to appear on my skin:
    -I’m here for you
    -Are you alright?
    -How are you?
    -Have a nice day
    -Take care
    -God loves you!


  10. Josephine

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    Bullying is a really bad thing to do some kids can get really upset and might even do suicide which is sad.
    The words i wold like to appear in my skin is compliments like
    -Don’t worry
    -i’ll be there for you
    -try your best
    -Do you want to play with us
    -Nice work
    -thank you
    Nice things i can say and do are including everyone in what i am doing saying thank you if they give me something, compliment them, don’t be aggressive to them and don’t pick on them.


  11. tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I think bullies just want to be popular, think they are strong and want attention. I don’t think it is nice to bully someone that hasn’t harmed you because it can really hurt the other person and if you are in this situation i think you should :
    – Tell a trusted adult
    – Don’t fight back
    – Be honest to who is hurting you and tell a trusted adult what you would like to happen
    – If nothing changes keep, telling the person and other people you trust about whats happening, or you might try telling someone else
    – Don’t keep it a secret – telling someone can really help
    – Don’t bully or tease back
    – Try to be calm. Kids who bully often like others to feel angry or sad, so try not to react in an angry way as this shows them that you are really unhappy with the way you are being treated
    – Talk to a teacher. Most schools have a plan to stop bullying and will be able to help you

    So don’t react and remember that it is not your fault about what is happening and it might just be that the bully is felling sad or angry at home with his parents or family and they might just like to bully you because it makes them fell better.


  12. Nathan

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5 White,

    I ABSOLUTELY think that bullying is unfair, bullies want to be feared and venerated. These are some of the words that I would want to appear on my skin: G’day, are you alright? Everybody is loved, you are special too! You are the best! If someone was upset, I would cheer them up and let them play with us.


  13. Nathan's mum

    Dear Miss Azzopardi & 5W,
    What an inspirational post! I’m so pleased to read about your strong stand on anti-bullying. Everyone has the right to feel safe and valued as a member of the community. There is no place for bullying! I’m very proud to see comments on what we can do to prevent and discourage bullying.
    Words I want to appear on my skin are:
    – kind, caring, thoughtful
    – you did a nice job!
    – you and I deserve to be safe and happy
    – you are a brave person
    – I’ll be there for you



  14. Tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Bullying is a big thing in people’s lives and alot of people HATE it. People that Bully just want attention, Want to look strong, Think they can control a person and they Bully people because maybe they have something in their life out of school thats bugging them so they Bully someone to make them feel better. Bullying can cause people to do Suicide and that can be very disappointing. People that get bullied should tell a loved one, Friends or a teacher to help.

    Kind Regards,

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