In Mathematics, the students in Five White are learning about time. Without time we wouldn’t be able to have meetings, meet up with friends or even organise a party!

Take a look at the following time facts.

60 seconds = 1 minute
30 minutes = half an hour
60 minutes = 1 hour
24 hours = 1 day
7 days = 1 week
14 days (2 weeks) = 1 fortnight
28-31 days = 1 month
12 months = 1 year
365 days = 1 year
366 days = 1 leap year
10 years = 1 decade
Every four years = a leap year
100 years = 1 century

Can you think of examples of when the above time facts are important?

For example: we need to know when a year has passed to know how old we are!

Click here to play games about time. Leave a comment describing the game you played and give it a rating out of five stars.


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14 responses to “Time

  1. Kong

    Dear 5 White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Some examples of important time facts from above are,

    In a studying quiz because if you don’t know them you could get an unpleasant score,

    To know the date because of something very important such as your birthday!

    And also to know what time it is when the time is a bit confusing!


  2. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    The time facts are important because it helps us know:
    -If we are early or late
    – When its our birthday
    – When a leap year is


  3. Dear Five White and Azzopardi,

    Knowing the time is very important, especially when you have to use it when there are important dates coming.

    Kind Regards,

    • Dear Cecilia,
      Time is definitely important!!! Important dates such as birthdays and meetings at work, is really important as well!!! Also knowing if were early or late is time too.


  4. Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5W,

    I love time it is my favourite and I think it is very important to know what 24 hours is because we need to know when it is the next day. It is also important to know when a leap year is because there is an extra day and you would think it’s the next year when there is one more day to go. Do you know all of these important facts?


  5. James

    Dear Five white & Miss Azzopardi,

    Time Is my favourite subject because I like to learn the different time.


  6. Bella

    Dear Five White,

    I love the topic time. My examples are you need to know what time it is to go to school, or somewhere else. You need to know if you are early or late and I definitely need to know when it is my birthday.


  7. Theresa

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    Time facts are important because:
    – You need to know when an hour has passed.

    Sincerely ,

  8. Simone

    Dear five white and miss Azzopardi,

    I think 1 minute is important because maybe you cook something for 1 minute. U need to know if its a month so when u have your baby.


  9. Anthony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Tim is really important now because use it everyday.
    We use time at:
    to tell when a baby is coming
    and how long music is e.t.c
    Time is really important and you can only live it once.

    Sincerely Anthony

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  11. Brenda

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    We need to know special times. If we don’t what do you think will happen?
    -leap year olimpics
    -year birthday
    -minute cooking something
    What if we never had special times like these?

    Kind Regards,

    • Bella

      Dear Five White,

      I loved learning about time it taught me alot!
      We need to know times

      – When to get to school
      – Birthdays
      – A leap year
      – Olympics
      – when an hour has past
      – Need to now when you are early and late
      There are many other examples, i’m just naming a few.
      What is your favorite time?


  12. Alicia

    Dear: Five white and Miss.Azzopardi,

    I really enjoyed learning about time! During maths I have learnt a lot about time.
    You could use time for:
    *Time to go to school/Finish school
    *Your birthday
    *Eat breakfast / lunch / dinner (You might eat dinner during the morning.)
    *If you are early / late for something (maybe a meeting with your boss.)
    What else could you use time for?

    Your sincerely,

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