Cooking Up a Storm

On Tuesday 23rd July, the students in Five White made their own pizza in the ‘Cooking Up a Storm’ program.

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Don’t forget, if you are interested in drawing a picture that may appear in the cook book, get started and bring it into class when you’re finished. 

What ingredients did you use to make your pizza?

Have you made pizza with your family before?

Click here for facts about pizza. What did you find interesting?


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31 responses to “Cooking Up a Storm

  1. Tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I was looking at the photos and the Pizza looked very nice and they looked very healthy ! Sorry i couldnt be their because i was at the Soccer Gala Day and our school did very well.

    King Regards,

  2. Dear Five White & Miss Azzopardi,

    The pizza was very delicious! The ingredients I used for the pizza was:

    * Dough
    * Tomato paste
    * Sliced Cheese
    * Sliced Ham
    * Pineapple
    * A bit of green and red capsicum

    I have not made pizza before, I usually buy pizza instead… But I will try making pizza, One day.


  3. Joey/Jennifer.A's Brother

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    It looks like the pizza was very delicious! I know that Jennifer wasn’t there on the day because of soccer gala, but her friends told her about the pizza.I have made pizza with my family before but my mother usually makes it 🙂 I hope you guys were having fun at cooking up a storm. What did you think about the pizza?


    • Moufid

      Dear joey

      You were so right the pizza was nice and we did have lots of fun.

      See you Tomorrow
      From Moufid

    • Alicia

      Dear: Joey,

      I thought that the pizza was amazing! It was delicious everyone enjoyed making and eating the yummy pizzas. Hopfuly you have a nice day.

      Your sincerely,

  4. David

    Dear Ms Azzopardi and Five White,

    The pizza was amazing, I used pinapple, sliced cheese, sliced ham and tomato paste. The candy pizza was awesome too.


  5. Kong

    Dear 5 White and Miss Azzopardi,

    The ingredients i used was…
    *Tomato Sauce
    *Sliced Cheese
    I have never made pizza however, I really enjoyed making pizza!

    Kind Regards,

  6. Natalie

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    The pizza was absolutely delicious!! The ingredients we used were:
    – Tomato Paste
    – Grated Cheese
    – Sliced Ham
    – Pineapple
    – Green and Red Capsicum

    I have attempted before making my own pizza!! It was incredibly fun putting all the toppings on top and watching it rise! The facts that I learnt about pizza were:
    -Basic pizza most likely began in prehistoric times, with bread cooked on flat, hot stones.
    -Roughly 1,000 years ago herb-and-spice-covered circles of baked dough grew exceptionally popular in Naples, Italy. Known as focaccia, these rounds were served as an appetizer or a snack. (Source: Smithsonian)
    -Pizza developed in Italy in pre-refrigerator times. After focaccia, its most direct ancestor was “Casa de nanza,” which means “take out before.” Housewives would pound out dough into a thin crust and place leftovers on to bake. Pizza was a peasant food designed to be eaten without utensils and, like the French crepe and the Mexican taco, was a way to make use of fresh produce available locally and to get rid of leftovers.
    -But pizza as we know it could not have evolved until the late 1600s when Old World Europeans overcame their fear of a New World discovery – tomatoes. Native to Peru and Ecuador, a plant which produced yellow or red fruit (later called tomatoes) was introduced to Europe in the early 1500s. Brought back by Conquistadors to Spain, the tomato was thought to be poisonous and was viewed with suspicion. It wasn’t until the late 1600s that Europeans began to eat the tomato.
    -The peasants of Naples, Italy, who lived mostly off of bread and little else, were the first to add tomatoes to their focaccia bread rounds.
    -In 1830 pizza truly began with the opening of the world’s first pizzeria.
    Named Port’Alba, the pizzas were cooked in an oven lined with lava from Mount Vesuvius, a volcano located on the Bay of Naples. (Source: Smithsonian)
    -Modern pizza was born in 1889 when Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni, the consort of Umberto I, king of Italy, visited Naples. Don Raffaele Esposito, who owned a tavern-like place called Pietro Il Pizzaiolo, was asked to prepare a special dish in honor of the Queen’s visit. Esposito developed a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese (a never before used ingredient made from the milk of water buffalo) and basil – ingredients bearing the colors red, white and green for the Italian flag. He named it the Margherita Pizza, after the guest of honor. Thus, the modern-day tomato-and-cheese pizza was born. (Source: Smithsonian and PIZZA TODAY)


  7. Angela- Cecilia's Sister

    Hello 5W & Miss Azzopardi,

    The pizza looks really nice. I’ve never tasted home-made pizza before, Maybe I will try making it tomorrow. What ingredients should I use? Hmm 🙂

    Angela- Cecilia’s Sister

    • Dear Angela,
      The pizza was REALLY nice!!! You should because I can tell you that you will love it, as soon as you eat it! The ingredients you should use are:
      – Dough
      – Tomato Paste
      – Pineapple
      – A bit of green and red capsicum
      – Mushroom

      Good luck in making it,

  8. Dear Five White,

    I really enjoyed the pizza it was yummylicious:)The ingredients we used to make the pizza were:

    Pizza base
    Grated cheese
    Tomato paste
    Green capsicum
    Red Capsicum

    This is one of my favourite things that we cooked for Cooking Up a Storm, I have cooked pizza with my family but i am kind of guilty of liking bought pizza a lot. What i found interesting about pizza was

    October is National Pizza Month. It was first so designated in 1987.

    Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second.

    Pizza is a $30 billion per year industry.

    Pizza Hut is the largest pizza purveyor in the world, with 12,583 total restaurants and combination delivery or takeout units in the U.S.A and over 90 other countries;

    6,590 units are company-owned. Pizza Hut generated approximately $7.7 billion in sales in 1996.

    Domino’s Pizza is the world leader in delivery, with 5,500 stores in 46 international markets. Domino’s reached $2.8 billion in sales in 1996.

    Papa John’s is considered the fastest growing franchise in the country, with 1,160 units generating $613 million in sales in 1996.

    Of 31,386 pizza franchise units in the United States, roughly 83 percent (24,381 stores) offer delivery, 91 percent offer takeout, and 51 percent offer dine-in service

    Peace as always,

  9. Josephine

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    Wow those pics you uploaded the pizza looks delicious but i wasn’t their because i had to attend soccer gala though.I hadn’t made pizza yet but someday i will try to make because i usually purchase one from a pizza store.


    • Dear Josephine,
      That’s alright, you can still have a go at home, and I will assure you that you will be impressed! How was the Soccer Gala?

      Kind regards,

  10. Grace

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5W,

    The pizzas were great i made one with pineapple, ham, cheese and capsicum. I mostly liked the sweet pizza because it had some chocolate on it . I am pretty sure everyone loved them. what toppings did you bring?


    • Dear Grace,
      I know, the pizza with the chocolate was absolutely delicious!! I really wanted more after my first slice, but I needed to have space for my lunch. =( The toppings I put were grated cheese, a bit of green and red capsicum , pineapple and ham. What was your favourite topping?

      Kind regards,

  11. Anthony

    Dear Five Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I was looking at some of the pictures on the slide show and the pizza. I wasn’t there on the day because I was a soccer Gala Day. I think you need these ingredients
    -pizza base
    -tomato paste
    -and your favourite pizza toppings.


    • Kong

      Dear Anthony,

      It was so fun and delicious!! I’m so sad that you missed out and i’m also sad for the other people at soccer Gala that missed out! What a shame!

      Kind Regards,

  12. Alicia

    Dear: Five white and Miss.Azzopardi,

    The ingredients I used was:
    *Tomato paste
    *Any topping. Such as: Mushroom, Ham and Pineapple.
    And maybe that is all. But during cooking up a storm I have tried my first capsicum and I didn’t really like it. I had never made my own pizza before but hopefully my mum lets me make it!

    See you,

  13. Hagen

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    I think that the pizza in cooking up a storm is delicious and the ingredients I used were:
    1 dough
    tomato sauce
    some sprinkles of ham and cheese
    some green and red calcium.

    I have never made pizza though but I learnt to make it with the help of Cooking up a Storm.


  14. Phillip

    Dear 5w and Miss Azzopardi

    I like making the pancake and they wear really nice as wall
    But I missed out on making the pizza but it would be fun
    To make it.

    Kind regards,


  15. Amanda

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I thought the pizza was delicious and I really enjoyed it.Some of the ingredients used was:
    – dough
    – tomato paste
    – cheese
    – pizza toppings


  16. Jennifer.A, Isabella and Theresa

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    Wow! I love making pizzas, but unfortunately me and Isabella weren’t here to make the pizzas.
    Theresa did make the pizzas, she used:
    Tomato sauce
    Did you like making the pizzas?

    Jennifer.A, Isabella and Theresa

  17. amanda

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I enjoyed making the pizza, it was very fun to make and it was delicious. Some of the things that we used to make the pizza are:
    – Dough
    – Tomato sauce
    – Cheese
    – Pizza toppings such as mushroom, pineapple, capsicum and ham.


  18. Jennifer E

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and five white,

    The pizza was awesome, the ingredients i used were….

    -Tomato Sauce
    and much more

    Jennifer E

  19. Kevin

    Dear five white and ms Azzopardi,

    I was looking forward to eating the pizza but I wasn’t there because of soccer gala day. The ingredients I thought was:
    -pizza toppings

    Kind regards,

  20. Dear Five White & Miss Azzopardi,

    I wasn’t here when Five White made the pizza I was at soccer gala 🙂 I’m not sure what ingredients you used. I remember I made pizza with my family ages ago. It was so fun! Also for my birthday i am going to incite a few people to make pizza at this really cool place! I’m really excited!


  21. Theresa

    Dear five white and Miss Azzopardi,

    I Love the pizza it was very yummy the ingredients were,
    -tomato sauce
    and ham
    I have made pizza with my family before.

    Kind regards,

  22. Isabella.N

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    WOW I was looking at those photos of Five White making the pizza’s and they look very yummy. But too bad i was at the soccer gala and I was not able to be there along with some other children from our class and yes I love to make pizza’s at home with my mum and sister.

    Kind Regards,

  23. Simone

    Dear five white and Miss Azzopardi,

    I really enjoyed the chocolate and my own pizza the ingredients were:
    -Tomato paste
    -red capsicum
    -green capsicum
    and dough
    I wish I would have that pizza again I loved it so much.

    Kind regards,

  24. Hagen

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5W,
    I really enjoyed eating the chocolate pizza and making my own pizza, the ingredients were:
    -Tomato sauce
    I wish that I could make the pizza again because it was so tasty.

    Your sincerely,

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