3D Space

Year five are currently learning about three-dimensional space. 3D shapes have length, breadth and height. Pyramids and prisms take their name from the shape of their base. Prisms have uniform cross-sections (cuts that are parallel to, and the same size and shape, as the base) whereas pyramids have cross-sections that are not uniform

3D Shapes

Take a look at two students explaining the pairs of parallel faces on a 3D object below.

3D shapes are all around us in the built and natural environment! Take a look at the YouTube clip below. 

What 3D shapes can you see at home and/or in the classroom? 


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30 responses to “3D Space

  1. Kevin

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I love learning about 3d space!! I learnt about interesting things like a plane, cross section, uniform cross section and more.

    The things i see at home that are 3d space:
    -Lots more

    Yours Truly,

    • Dear Kevin,

      Wow, you have found a lot of 3D shapes around your house. I wonder if you or someone else could identify what 3D shapes each object is. I wonder if your television is a cube or a rectangular prism!

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

    • Kong

      Dear Kevin,

      Thats a lot of 3d shapes you have there! I have a lot too but theres just too much aswell i can’t fit it otherwise it will take up a whole lot of space!


  2. Dear Miss Azzopardi and five white,

    I love learning about 3D space!!!! The 3D shapes are……

    -watch holder (square prism)
    -bottle (cylinder)
    -basket (rectangular prism)

    Jennifer E

  3. Kong

    Dear 5 White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Some objects that are 3D shapes are….
    -TV (Rectangular Prism)
    -Tissue Box (Square Prism)
    -Bookshelf (cube)

    And much more!

    Kind Regards,

    • anthony

      Dear Kong,

      You have learnt so much about 3D space and what type of shape it is.
      Next time just add a question to your comment to make it better.

      Sincerely Anthony

    • Dear Kong,

      Well done Kong! Although some televisions may not be a rectangular prism, some may be a cube, some more you could add are:

      -Tin can (Cylinder)
      -Ball (Sphere)
      -Markers (Rectangular Prism)
      -Book (Rectangular Prism)
      -Clock (Rectangular Prism Or Cylinder)

      Kind Regards,

  4. Cecilia

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    3D Space is a very fun topic in Maths! I learnt A LOT of new things about 3D Space!

    The following 3D objects I see at home that are 3D are:

    * Tissue boxes
    * A Rubbish bin
    * A Book
    * A Bottle
    * A Glue stick
    * A Box
    * A TV

    Cecilia 😀

    • Dear Cecilia,

      Well done! You have found many 3D shapes in your house. I wonder if you could identify what shapes each object is. I’m guessing the book is a rectangular prism. Am I correct?

      Kind regards,
      Miss Azzopardi

      • Dear Miss Azzopardi,

        You are correct!!! A book is a rectangular prism because it’s base is a rectangle.

        • Tissue box = Rectanglular Prism
        • Rubbish Bin = Cylinder
        • Bottle = Cylinder
        • Glue Stick = Cylinder
        • A TV = Rectanglular Prism or a Cube

        Yours Sincerely,

    • Jennifer E

      Dear Cecilia,

      You found a lot of shapes. Great job

      Kind regards,
      Jennifer E

    • Dear Cecilia,
      WOW!!!! You have learnt a lot during the topic of 3D Shapes!

      Kind regards,

  5. anthony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I have learnt a lot about 3D space. I have learnt how to draw the net shapes of 3D objects, what a plane is what vertices are and what uniform and not uniform- cross sections are. There are a lot of 3D objects around us for example: drink bottle, containers, a door and computer monitor. e.t.c
    What 3D objects have you seen this week?

    Sincerely Anthony

  6. Angel

    Dear mis Azzopardi and Five white,

    I love learning about 3d space!! Theses are the 3d objects that I have at home:
    – can of coke
    – can of corn
    – bottles
    – containers
    – ect

    Your sincerely,

  7. Brenda

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    The 3D shapes that I could find in my house where
    * Can of corn
    * Can of coke
    *Pringles chips
    *Brothers lunch box
    * My small heater
    * A box
    * Ice cream cone
    * Traffic cone
    Rectangular prism
    * My table
    * My tv
    * My picture frame


  8. amanda

    Dear Miss Azzopardi and five white,

    I really enjoyed learning about area and I learnt a lot of things about it.

    The 3D objects I found in my house are:
    – Container
    – Book
    – Bottle
    – Glue stick
    – Television
    – Stamp
    – Texta
    – Lunch box
    – Air conditioner
    – Coffee machine


  9. Hagen

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    I enjoyed learning about 3D shape and I thought it was quite easy. The objects that I found at home were:
    *Glue stick (Cylinder)
    *Box (Rectangular prism or cube)
    *Ball (Sphere)
    *Tank (Cylinder, rectangular prism or cube)

    Kind regards,

  10. David

    Dear Five White and Ms Azzopardi,

    I enjoyed and learnt some things about 3D space. I found these 3D shapes in my house:
    *My Samsung – Rectangular Prism.
    *My Laptop – Rectangular Prism.
    *My TV – Rectangular Prism.
    *Tissue Box – Rectangular Prism.


  11. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Wow i’ve learnt a lot during 3D space and i know so much now. I also now know what uniform crossing, cross section and plane!
    here are some 3D shapes i found in my house:
    – computer
    – Tissue box
    – Pencil cup
    – trash can
    – pencil case
    – biscuit jar
    What 3D shapes did you find?

    Kind regards,

  12. Jennifer.A

    Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    I love learning about 3D space, it is so fun!!!!
    These are the many things i know 😀
    Cross section
    Uniform cross section
    Not a uniform cross section

    The 3D shapes i found in my home are:
    Tissue box
    Lunch box
    Rubbish bin
    Soccer ball
    And many more……

    What did you find?

    Kind regards,

  13. Moufid

    Dear five white and miss Azzopardi

    3D space was my favorite topic to learn in maths.

    The things that I see at my house that is 3D are

    -the house itself
    -tub of sink
    -bath tub


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