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Have you taken a look at the St Felix Primary School blog? The ICT members have been working really hard to create how to videos and write blog posts about the exciting events taking place at our school. Visit the blog and leave a comment today!


What great things have taken place at St Felix this year?


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17 responses to “The St Felix Primary School Blog

  1. Dear 5W & Miss Azzopardi,

    2013 was a blast I loved it! During 2013 we have had gelato day, public speaking, a blog and I’m sure many other things I forgot about 🙂


  2. Anthony

    Dear Five white and Miss Azzopardi,

    We have been doing so many great things this year at St Felix for example fundraising programs such as gelato day and our school Adidas fun run and our fun activities such as cricket and our athletics carnival. What have you enjoyed about St Felix this year?

    Sincerely Anthony

    • Dear Anthony,

      I agree we did so much things this year and fun ones as well!
      What i enjoyed about this year is so much things practically everything and most of all is having Miss Azzopardi as a teacher!


    • Tony

      Dear Five white and Miss Azzopardi,

      What I have enjoyed this year at St Felix in Yr 5 is our new teacher that has come ( Miss Azzopardi ) because she is the most friendliest, kindest, funniest and most best teacher I have ever met. This year has been the best year of my life and I hope to become a Sport Captain Next year !! Good Luck everyone and all the girls did a very good job with there speeches. By the way the Gelato Day was the best because the Gelato’s were so yummy !! What was your favourite thing in the year ?


  3. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Wow i just checked on the St Felix class blog and it is awesome!
    In 2013 at St Felix we did so many activities like debating,science club,Jason project,Gelato day,Adidas fun run, soccer gala,cricket and much more!
    Which activity did you most enjoy in 2013?


    • Dear Josephine,
      I enjoyed Gelato Day because we got to reward ourselves with nice and cold gelatos on a hot summer day! What was your favourite activity this year?

      Kind regards,

  4. Brenda

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    This year has gone extremely fast and I don’t want to leave Miss Azzopardi. She is the best teacher who always cares for us no matter what we do. She is the only teacher that understands my feelings and I will really miss her. This year we have done a lot of fun stuff and I loved it such as
    Gelato day
    Fun run
    And much much more the list goes on and on. All thanks to our beautiful principal miss harbrow a-grove.


  5. Brenda

    Dear Andrea,

    I know we forget the things we done this year cause we had to much fun. I enjoyed this year. Did you enjoy this year?


  6. Theresa

    Dear five white and Miss Azzopardi,
    Year 2013 has been the best time ever.During this year we are did fun run,gelato day,cricket, and sport carnival.
    kind regards,

    • Dear Theresa,
      I know, this year was the BEST YEAR EVER!!! I loved learning about cricket and enjoying a cone of gelato. I am so excited for the Live Life Well day because we will be doing many different things!


  7. Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5 White,

    This year was really something! The great things that happened this year are:
    The play, our excursions, cricket, the fun run, science w/ Mr Crook,watching Year 6 V.S Year 7, just to name some of them.

    Most Sincerely,

    • Tony

      Dear Nathan,

      I agree this year was really amazing !! The best part of this year was either Cricket, Fun Run or the Gelato day. I can not belive the year went so fast and that we are going to be the leaders of the school soon !! 🙂

      All the best,

  8. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    WOW! I have got to say that 2013 has been an adventure! I had so much fun with my fellow class mates and Miss Azzopardi is my FAVOURITE TEACHER because she makes learning fun and interactive and she has helped me build my confidence! My favourite subject this year is H.S.I.E because I have learnt a piece of our history.

    Also, I have checked out the St Felix website and it is so engaging! It helps others know what St Felix is doing and it can also be an example for other schools.


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