Year five and year six have been enjoying learning about cricket this term! Each lesson, the students were able to learn new skills and play games related to cricket. It was so much fun! The students tried their best, worked as a team and learnt many new skills. Take a look at the photos below!

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What did you enjoy about the cricket lessons? 

What skills did you learn?


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12 responses to “Cricket

  1. Kevin

    Dear Miss Azzopardi,

    I absolutely enjoyed cricket! i learnt so many new skills like:catching, bating,
    The Last day was probably the best time at cricket because we get to play a game which involved the skills i learnt.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    Go to this link because this is how you bowl correctly :
    What I have enjoyed during cricket is everything because cricket is a fun sport to play and I really like it. I have watched the photos and I have seen that everyone has learnt LOTS !!! Cricket was a good part of this term and I hope I can do it next year with my new class. I have learnt lots of new skills as catching the ball with my left hand, and much more. What did you enjoy about Cricket and What skills have you learnt ? CRICKET !!!


  3. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,
    I DEFINITELY enjoyed all cricket lessons. I learnt how to catch a cricket ball, how to bat and the different techniques needed when playing cricket. When catching the cricket ball I must admit that I wasn’t good at all, but Isabella was absolutely amazing at it! Learning how to bowl a cricket ball was extremely difficult but at the same time fun because you got to throw it at the poles, trying to knock one out. In my team, Josephine was the real bowler, whereas I wasn’t that bad. What did you learn about cricket?


  4. Kong

    Dear 5 White and Miss Azzopardi,

    What i enjoyed about cricket was the warm-up games and the activities! They were so fun. The skill i learnt was catching, bowling and batting.

    Yours Truly,

  5. Dear Miss Azzopardi and 5W,

    Doing cricket is really fun. I enjoy how we get to practise the skills and to practice the basics on how to play cricket. To be honest I really never knew how to play cricket because I like soccer and football more so I never really got use to it. Some skills that I have leant are:
    Having your bat facing the side where it’s not pointy,
    When bowling you must aim the ball towards the yellow bars and you then must run if you get it. I found it hard having to aim for the bars because I could never get the ball to go the right way. I really enjoy sports and hope to do this cricket next year. What did you find tricky?


    • Jamie

      Dear Grace,

      Cricket wasn’t just fun, it was super fun!!!!!!!!!!!
      I didn’t know how to play cricket either, but now I sure do.

      Kind regards,

  6. Tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I Enjoyed Cricket a lot with Sam ( Samantha ). She was a great mentor and came up with great cricket training games. I can not wait until next year for Cricket because it is going to be so fun !!! This year in cricket I have learnt lots and Now its one of my favorite sports. I have improved on Batting and Bowling but I am really good at bowling if you can see here.

    Good Job Five White !!


  7. Anthony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I enjoyed Cricket so much over these couple few weeks. Our coach Samantha was very good at teaching us how to play cricket for example she taught us how to catch, bowl and bat. Before I found cricket a bit boring but now it is much more fun. What did you enjoy about cricket this year?

    Sincerely Anthony

  8. David

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I learnt a lot of skills in cricket and so for a start I am starting find that I am good at batting, I even smashed the ball out of the school.


  9. Dear 5W and Miss Azzopardi,

    I learnt a lot about cricket and it was really fun because we get to do a game like ‘Stuck in the Mud’. I also played passing and catching the ball.

    Kind regards,

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