Five White came up with the question ‘how might we encourage and prepare year five to be good leaders at St Felix?‘ Each group then brainstormed many ideas to answer this non-googleable question and selected the best one.

Natalie, Alicia, Cecilia, Amy and Amanda created a blog.


Bella, Josephine, Grace, Angel and Jamie created a website.


Tony, Phillip, Moufid, Kevin and Anthony demonstrated leadership qualities via videos while playing soccer.

Nathan, Kong, Hagen, James and David created videos about leadership.

Brenda, Isabelle and Simone created a board game about leadership. 

Jennifer A, Jennifer E, Andrea, Theresa and Isabella created leadership activities.

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What did you enjoy about bringing your idea to life and what did you learn about being a good leader at St Felix?


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4 responses to “Leadership

  1. Mrs Stewart

    Dear Year 5,
    We have enjoyed reading about your discoveries! We also have no doubt that you will be great leaders and role models for the school next year.
    Congratulations to those students that have been elected in leadership roles next year. We are very confident that you will “do us proud”.
    Thanks you for being such kind and sensible buddies for our Kindergarten students this year. They really looked forward to your visits!!
    Have a safe and happy holiday with many Christmas blessings!
    love from Mrs Stewart and Mrs Bianca xx

  2. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,
    I have to say that the girls that have created the leadership activities have done a WONDERFUL AND AMAZING JOB as well as the others that have created a blog and website. It was so fun and one thing I enjoyed was adding in the youtube click that represented teamwork. I learnt that one IMPORTANT QUALITY needed was teamwork, because without it then we wouldn’t be able to think of many ideas or socialise.


  3. Tony

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    The Leader Ship Qualities were so fun when our group was doing it because we did it correctly and everyone showed great leadership. To be honest I still can not believe that I got nominated to be the Red House Sport Captain !!! It will be so fun cheering on my team and I cant wait for RED TO WIN !! LETS GO RED ! Great Job Guys with your leadership videos.


  4. Dear Five White and Ms Azzopardi,

    I enjoyed making the video’s the best, I’ve learnt that being patient is one of the ways to be a leader. It helps when something goes wrong and you need to fix it up, you need patience so you are not worried or pressured. If you would like to see my channel of leadership visit here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGWqr_VbQalhrxNCG3viTsQ/feed


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