Mr Lima!

Mr Lima was very brave today as he had his hair shaved to look very funny. There is an important message behind this funny hair cut – we shouldn’t tease anyone because they are different. We still respect Mr Lima and we care about him very much. Mr Lima’s haircut does not change who he is inside. He is still a kind, happy and caring person.

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What do you think about the important message?


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3 responses to “Mr Lima!

  1. Cecilia

    Dear Five White and Miss Azzopardi,

    I think the important message is to not tease others because they look different and I’m proud of Mr Lima being brave enough to let so many people shave his hair! I also think that the message is important because we shouldn’t judge people on their appearances.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Dear Five White and Miss Azzopard,
    I think the message is about:
    Looking different doesn’t change who you are, therefore we should have no right to tease others anywhere including the playground. I hope this sacrifice raises lots of awareness and I am glad to say that we have raised about $1, 000 (approx.) But Mr Lima still looks pretty good, but I have heard that his hair is very thick so….. there’s still a fair bit of hair but it suits him perfectly!!!


  3. Alicia

    Dear Five white and Miss.Azzopardi,

    Mr.Lima was very brave to shave his hair. It is right that no one should tease others because of the way they look. He is still the same in the inside but barve in the outside. So now no one should tease people.


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