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To our wonderful Year 5 buddies,

We have been learning a lot about Nature this term and we would like to share some things with you that we think are important:

We strongly believe that trees are a very important part of our environment and it would be very difficult to survive without them. This is why:

Trees give us shade and cool us down on a hot day.

Trees provide shelter for animals.

The leaves of the tree absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen. This is called Photosynthesis.

So next time you see a tree, don’t pull the bark of trees as it is like skin for the tree.

We will leave you with 3 other important pieces of information….just sit back and watch!

From Jay, Belinda, Thomas D. and Maree in KW and Fabricio, Cynthia and Oliver E. in KG


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Riddles and Puzzles

This is a guest post written by Nathan.

5 White have been discussing riddles and puzzles in the past few weeks. Riddles are questions which require genius skills! Puzzles can come in the form of a toy or problem which require clever thinking to be solved.

Click herehere and here in order to put your thinking caps on and solve some puzzles!


What did you think of the puzzles?

If you have a riddle, place it in a comment below for other students to try and solve. 


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