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The St Felix Primary School Blog

Have you taken a look at the St Felix Primary School blog? The ICT members have been working really hard to create how to videos and write blog posts about the exciting events taking place at our school. Visit the blog and leave a comment today!


What great things have taken place at St Felix this year?


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QR Codes

QR codes are becoming very popular and they are already very popular in countries such as Japan. QR code stands for ‘quick response code’ and they can provide us with information really quickly. They are being used for marketing, advertising and customer service as well as part of learning in classrooms.

Click here to visit our school blog and watch a video created by members of the ICT club explaining how to create your own QR code.

Take a look at the YouTube clip below explaining what a QR code is and why they are important. Watch the clip with your parents and your siblings.

Take a look at the new video stamp you can purchase at the post office.

Where have you seen a QR code and when you scan it, where does it take you? 

Challenge: look for QR codes around your house and at the shops! Scan them using a QR code reader and take a photo of them! Email your photos to Miss Azzopardi with a short explanation of where the QR code takes you. They will then be added to this blog post.

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