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There has been a lot of art going on at St Felix! The St Felix Art Show  was held on Wednesday 18th September and the students participated in creating a mosaic with an artist that has been placed in our friendship garden.

At the art show, there were many beautiful artworks on display in our hall for the art show – every student was an artist and should be very proud of themselves! Year five learnt about Picasso and created an artwork inspired by him.

A mosaic is a pattern or a picture that has been created by arranging together small and coloured pieces of a hard material such as glass, stone or tile. Every class helped create the mosaic by cutting and/or gluing the tiles onto our school community mosaic with the help of an artist.

Take a look at the photos below!

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Take a look at the YouTube clip below.

What artwork(s) from the YouTube clip above, do you like and why?

What colours are used and how does it make you feel?

If you were in the artwork, what would you smell, touch and/or taste? 


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Visual Art

In Visual Art, Five White have looked at John Olsen’s artwork. He is an Australian artist who was born in 1928. His shapes are very organic and often have lots of curvy lines flowing from them. Quite often his artworks are rich in vibrant tones of one colour. Inspired by John Olsen, Five White chose a base colour and mixed it with white and black paint to make six different tones. They then used the six different tones to paint their bikes.

Five White used organic lines and geometric lines.

  • Organic lines are types of lines that are found in nature. They are irregular, curved and often fluid.
  • Geometric lines have sharp or hard edges. True geometric lines are rarely found in nature but are often found in man made constructions.

Take a look at our artwork!

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Can you provide examples of geometric and organic lines within the paintings?

What did you enjoy about creating your artwork?

Research John Olsen and leave comment providing interesting facts about him and a link to one of his artworks that you like and explain why you like it. 


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Charles Blackman

During Visual Arts we have been inspired by Charles Blackman. He was born in 1928 in Sydney and he is famous for his Schoolgirl series which depict many school buildings.

First, we looked at images of different schools and selected the one we liked best. Then we sketched the school using pencil on a large piece of paper from observation and painted it. Miss Azzopardi also took a photo of us which we cut out and added to our painting.

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Do you think your artwork is similar to the school you were observing? Why/why not? 

What lines, shapes and colours did you use in your artwork?


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