Why We Blog

While blogging is a lot of fun, there are many reasons for the use of a class blog. The benefits of a class blog are listed below.

  • The students are motivated.
  • The students are encouraged to read and write.
  • They encourage discussion and collaboration.
  • There is an instant audience.
  • The students can be provided with links to useful websites.
  • They may be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Learning is authentic.
  • The students are able to connect with other classrooms all over the world.
  • A strong connection between home and school is encouraged.
  • The students are able to improve their skills in literacy, typing, ICT, social interactions and geography.
  • The students are able to learn about appropriate online behaviours and get experience using a 21st century technology.

5 responses to “Why We Blog

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  2. Bella

    Dear Five White.

    I agree that a blog is a great motivation for anyone to read, write and even inspire some people. Blog posts can do a lot, your definitely using PIE which is persuade, inform and entertain whether it be a debating post (persuade), how to take care of a pet post (inform), or a beautiful painting explaining so much( entertain). Blogging really has done a lot for me, every time someone likes, shares, comments or even views my blog i can really feel a great sense of achievement like my blog can actually help someone.

    Kind regards,

  3. Tony

    Im going to miss this class 😦

  4. Tony

    Im going to Miss the best teacher in the world, AKA that = Ms Azzopardi.

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