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Addition and Subtraction

The next topic in Mathematics that we will be learning about is addition and subtraction. We use addition and subtraction in our everyday lives more than you probably realise! Your parents might use addition and subtraction as they calculate how much their groceries are going to cost when they are at the supermarket, Miss Azzopardi uses addition and subtraction  when marking students’ tests and you might use addition and subtraction when you purchase items from the canteen to see if you have enough money to buy the items you want or to work out your change.

Can you think of any other times people might use addition and subtraction? Leave a comment with your answers!

Challenge: Ask your parents to write a comment about the times they use addition and subtraction in their daily lives. They might use it at work or around the house!

Try the following games to improve your addition and subtraction skills. Leave a comment below explaining which game(s) you played and what you thought of the game(s).


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