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Statements of Position

The students have continued to work really hard to write a persuasive statement of position. 

We have been learning that when writing a statement of position, we need to:

  • State the topic.
  • State our opinion.
  • Use high modality words and language of opinion.
  • State three arguments in one sentence.
  • Ask a rhetorical question.

It is important to include a rhetorical question in order to persuade the reader to agree with your opinion.

Rhetorical question starters include the following.

  • How could you (we) possibly..?
  • Do you really think…?
  • What would happen if…?
  • Could your conscience cope with..?
  • Is it really worth..?
  • Do you want to be part of..?

Listen and watch some students present their statements of position.

Can you hear the features of a statement of position in the videos? Provide examples.

Continue to copy and paste your approved statements of position from the Google doc into a comment on this post. 


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Statements of Position

Five White are learning how to write an exposition. The purpose of an exposition is to persuade the reader to agree with the author.

There are three main parts in an exposition.

  • Statement of position
  • A series of arguments with supporting evidence
  • A conclusion

The students have been working really hard to write a persuasive statement of position. A statement of position requires the following.

  • High modality words
  • Language of opinion
  • The topic
  • The author’s opinion
  • Three strong arguments in one sentence
  • A rhetorical question 

Here are some great examples of persuasive statements of position from students in Five White.

I absoloutely believe that children under 11 should not use the internet. It is thought that children don’t often act responsibly on the internet, children will click on spam images which will lead to the computer being infected by a virus and children are likely to be cyber bullied which can lead to feelings of anxiety, anger and sadness. Would you like your child to be sad? – Nathan

I strongly believe that watching  a movie is better than reading a book. From my experience, watching a movie is better than reading a book as the audience can see it and not have to imagine it, the audience will find it more interesting and entertaining. Would you like to watch a movie rather than read a book? – Anthony

I strongly believe that children should wear a school hat. It is true to say that hats protect children from getting sun burnt, protect you from skin cancer and getting a headache. Do you want your children to have skin cancer? – Phillip

I absoloutely believe that all children should participate in a sport. You can’t doubt that if children participate in a sport, they will be more social, more fit and it will give them cooperative skills. Do you want your children to be fit and happy? – Andrea

I absoloutely believe that watching a movie isn’t better than reading a book. It is fair to say that watching a movie isn’t better than reading a book because it uses your imagination, it helps you expand your vocabulary and you can become a better reader. Would you like to train your skills of imagination, expand your vocabulary and become a better reader? – Natalie


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Can you identify the features of a statement of position within the examples?

Once your statement of position in the Google doc has been approved, place it in a comment below. 


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