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Visual Art

In Visual Art, Five White have looked at John Olsen’s artwork. He is an Australian artist who was born in 1928. His shapes are very organic and often have lots of curvy lines flowing from them. Quite often his artworks are rich in vibrant tones of one colour. Inspired by John Olsen, Five White chose a base colour and mixed it with white and black paint to make six different tones. They then used the six different tones to paint their bikes.

Five White used organic lines and geometric lines.

  • Organic lines are types of lines that are found in nature. They are irregular, curved and often fluid.
  • Geometric lines have sharp or hard edges. True geometric lines are rarely found in nature but are often found in man made constructions.

Take a look at our artwork!

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Can you provide examples of geometric and organic lines within the paintings?

What did you enjoy about creating your artwork?

Research John Olsen and leave comment providing interesting facts about him and a link to one of his artworks that you like and explain why you like it. 


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