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Writing Numbers in Word Form

In Five White, the students have been learning how to write large numbers in word form. The students in Five White have learnt that inside each large group we read the numbers as hundreds, tens and ones.

For example:

63 497 –  Sixty-three thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven.

226 443 – Two hundred and twenty-six thousand, four hundred and forty-three.

832 562 713 – Eight hundred and thirty-two million, five hundred and sixty-two thousand, seven hundred and thirteen.

Click here to see Jenny Eather’s poster ‘reading large numbers’ that may be helpful. 

Click here to visit the population clock we looked at in mathematics today.

Write the large number from the population clock  in numeral form and word form in a comment and/or select your own large number and write it in numeral form and word form in a comment. 


Danilo Rizzuti / freedigitalphotos.net


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