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Multiplication and Division

In Mathematics, year five have been learning about multiplication and division. Take a look at the YouTube clips below to revise long multiplication and short division.

Click here to visit Jenny Eather’s Maths Dictionary. Remember to complete the set activities on Mathletics. 

What do you need to remember when completing long multiplication or short division?

When would we need to use multiplication or division in everyday life?

Find the definitions of the following words and use them in a sentence: product, array, divide, multiply, composite, prime, quotient, remainder, digit and factor. 


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Multiplication Tables

In the beginning of every mathematics lesson, the students of Five White choose an activity they would like to complete in order to help them learn their multiplication tables. The students can choose from the following activities.

  • Play online multiplication games.
  • Create a rap/pop song about a multiplication table.
  • Create a poster of a multiplication table.
  • Complete multiplication activities on the iPads.
  • Time yourself as you complete a multiplication grid.
  • Play a multiplication game with a host and contestants.
  • Create your own flash cards and test yourself or someone else.

Take a look at Five White enjoying the multiplication activities. Miss Azzopardi loves watching the students have so much fun while they are learning!

What activities have you completed?

Have they been helping you learn your multiplication tables? 


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