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Nude Food Friday

St Felix had their very first waste free lunch day on World Environment Day, 5th June 2013. The playground was so much cleaner and the students learnt about the importance of having less waste.  As it was such a hit, we will be having a waste free lunch day each Friday and it will be called Nude Food Friday.

You need to ensure that you do the following.

  • Bring fruit without packaging.
  • Use a reusable lunch bag/box for carrying your lunch.
  • Use refillable bottles for drinks.
  • Your sandwiches, muffins etc must be in plastic containers instead of glad wrap or plastic bags.

Did you know that for every wheelie bin we fill at school and home there are another 70 wheelie bins full of waste that we never see? All of that waste needs to go somewhere and it doesn’t just magically disappear. It is taken to landfill site and most of the waste takes a very long time to decompose (breakdown and return to the soil). Click here and here for more information about waste.

How will you help to reduce waste at school and at home?

Click on one of the links above and share a fact that you found interesting. 

ID-10044873 Garbage Heap by hinnamsaisuy / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


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