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Rainforest Tasks

During term one, the students in Five White learnt about Rainforests in H.S.I.E and Science and Technology.

The students had a variety of activities they could complete in order to find out information about rainforests. The students researched the layers of a rainforest, endangered animals, what animals live in each layer, flora, deforestation, different types of rainforests, locations of rainforests and much more. The tasks included the following.

  • Various presentations using a variety of different presentation tools
  • Creating picture books 
  • Creating posters 
  • Writing an exposition
  • Drawing a flow chart 
  • Creating a website 
  • Writing a letter 
  • Creating a board game 
  • Composing a song
  • Creating a diorama 
  • Creating an artwork 

Miss Azzopardi was so impressed with the hard work and motivation of the students throughout the unit. Take a look at their fantastic work below! 

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What activities did you complete?

What did you learn about rainforests?

Which activity did you like best and why? 


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